Armoloy coatings * reduce premature wear and pick up, allowing more hits per run and less maintenance related downtime. When maintenance is required, Armoloy coatings can be welded without compromising the coating. Armoloy coatings are guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel from the substrate. Armoloy coatings are especially successful in Die applications that require forming galvanized material or aluminium. All types of nitride surfaces can be successfully coated.

Proven Applications
Blanking DiesExtrusion
Forming DiesTime Die
PunchingHot Heading
Draw DiesRoll Thread Dies
Progressive DiesCold Heading


  • Stamping Applications show sharper cuts, no burrs, and smoother finishes
  • Progressive Dies can be sharpened after dulling occurs, introducing new Armoloy to the edge
  • Hex head trim dies show sharper cuts and smoother finishes whether used in hot or cold headed operations
  • Punch holder sets have less wear, and increased corrosion protection 
  • Hot pierce punches strip from the hole without pick-up after punch is used on the forging
  • Reduces galling and sticking of metal on operating surface of punch

*Armoloy coatings include Armoloy TDC, XADN, XADC, Bi-Protec, Nyflon 25, Electroless Nickel