Food and Beverage

The low co-efficient of friction of Armoloy coatings * reduce wear and maintenance downtime. The lubricious nature of the coating, combined with its outstanding wear resistance allows food processing equipment to operate better and withstand daily wash-downs and cleaning. Armoloy coatings can be applied to all grades of stainless steel. Armoloy coatings are FDA approved.

Proven Applications
Heat Sealing ToolingSlides
Packaging EquipmentFeeder Systems
Flow Regulation Bearing (corrosion resistance)Chutes, Guides, Valves and Shafts
Chopping, Coring and Cutting Tools

*Armoloy coatings include Armoloy TDC, XADN, XADC, Bi-Protec, Nyflon 25, Electroless Nickel