Armoloy coatings * are able to help engineers apply coating solutions that allow an increased range of materials to be used in the industry’s arduous conditions. Preventing galling is an important use for Armoloy coatings in the mining sector. The Armoloy coatings factory controlled thickness provides a low friction surface allowing two like materials to work efficiently in contact with each other. Whether it be excessive corrosion or wear, we have a Armoloy coating solution!

Proven Applications
Machine Tool ComponentsBearings – Linear, Roller and Ball
Pumps, Metering DevicesHydraulics
Rotary AirlocksShafts and Sleeves, Drilling Equipment, Bell Housings

*Armoloy coatings include Armoloy TDC, XADN, XADC, Bi-Protec, Nyflon 25, Electroless Nickel