Plastics and Moulding

Armoloy coatings * reduce maintenance requirements and downtime by extending the life of your moulding components, by as much as 10 times, particularly, where glass-filled and mineral-filled resins are being formed. Armoloy coatings increases material flow, due to the smooth, micro-nodular surface produced by the coating, this leads to more shots, shorter cycle and fill times. Moulding areas stay cleaner for longer and require less maintenance with the Armoloy coatings, even burnt on plastic/rubber can be easily removed. Armoloy coatings maintains textured surfaces, gloss levels and parting lines.

Proven Applications
Nozzle TipsSlides
Cores and CavitiesSprue Bushes and Barrels
Core Pins and ScrewsTrimming Tools
Feeder Screws, Ejectors and Knockout PinsBlow-Moulding Components
Leader PinsGrained Surfaces
Stripper PlateDie-Casting
Calibration DiesExtrusion Dies

*Armoloy coatings include Armoloy TDC, XADN, XADC, Bi-Protec, Nyflon 25, Electroless Nickel