Nyflon 25

Nyflon 25 is a co-deposit of high phosphorus electroless nickel and teflon. The proven range of deposit for Nyflon 25 is 8 to 12.7 microns. This co-deposit method of application densely distributes teflon within the electroless nickel deposit. This provides for a denser and more uniform distribution of the teflon particulate.

Nyflon 25 has excellent adhesion properties. It does not have the chipping and peeling problem that is associated with most typical teflon coatings. Nyflon 25 has a surface hardness on the 42-46 Rc range.

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Compared to the standard high phosphorus electroless nickel, Nyflon 25 has a better corrosion resistance. The leading characteristic of this coating is the low co-efficient of friction that approaches the co-efficient or teflon. Nyflon 25 has excellent lubricity for sliding applications and release, specifically in the moulding industry. Nyflon 25 is not a suitable coating for heavily loaded or high impact conditions.