XADC coating enhances the performance characteristics of Armoloy TDC through the addition of nano-diamond spheres. XADC co-deposit results in a much harder and more lubricous surface while providing an excellent level of corrosion resistance. It is specifically designed for extreme wear conditions, as it excels in punishing environments.

XADC has an improved surface hardness of 98 Rc. XADC will not separate from the base metal unless the metal substrate itself fractures or fatigues.

The recommended deposit of XADC coating is 2.5 to 8 microns. Testing has proven that XADC can eliminate the need for lubricants in some applications resulting in cleaner and more environmentally friendly workplaces. Galling can be effectively eliminated as XADC coated parts can operate against other XADC coated parts.

The secret of XADC is in the surface. It is a very thin and effective coating with a co-deposit of nano-diamond spheres which is the key to its lubricity and wear resistance. Millions of densely packed nodules act as tiny ball bearings to minimize contact with opposing surfaces, drastically reduce friction, and improve release characteristics.